zondag 1 juni 2014

Keep on eating at De Rollende Keukens

While spending our Sunday at festival ‘De Zon’ last weekend, this weekend we decided to visit ‘De Rollende Keukens’ in Amsterdam. Together with a group of 5 friends, we met at the Westerpark. I was excited about going to this event, after hearing a lot of good stories from friends and colleagues who already had been there in previous years. For me the day could not become anything than perfect; the sun was shining and I saved up my lunch, just to have enough place for tasting all those different food. Then it appeared I was the only one feeling great. All my friends decided individually from each other to go out and get drunk yesterday. Hmm, I started wondering how long they would keep it up this afternoon. As soon as we entered the area, we started searching for something to eat. Sometimes that will help when having a hangover ;-) Luckily that was easy, since the main thing you can do here is just eating! 

One of my friends has a crush on the guy of the kip burger caravan, so she wouldn’t mind that we found us a spot in front of that caravan J. We see this guy at a lot of festivals in Amsterdam selling chicken burgers, but it always stays just with spotting him or having a small talk only, since she has a boyfriend who is even way nicer!! <3

There was all kind of food such as Mexican wraps, cheese fondue, chicken wings and curries with rice, grilled vegetables, beans and cocos. And for dessert, we all took something different; mascarpone, brownie, banana and ananas. Afterwards, we really had to give ourselves a break from eating, because we were all except from hungry after that goddess dessert.

And what do you think of our outfits? Nicole was wearing a long ankles dress in black, combined with a colourful statement necklace and a denim jacket in light blue. Her Minnetonka kinda open shoes were the eyecatchers of her outfit. Annabel was wearing a blue crop top, which is her newest acquisition. Besides, she was wearing a black pant in a wide model (very comfi after eating all those dishes).

Enjoying the sunny weather and delicious food together with friends, made that yesterday turned out to be perfect in the end.

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  1. Great blog girsl! i am definitely following you. Btw Rolling Kitchen Festival was indeed great, i was there on saturday! We should meet up soon. xx