dinsdag 27 mei 2014

New in: lace tops

Today when I cycled home from work the weather was very bad. It was raining cats and dogs, so all my clothes were soaking wet and I was in a bad mood. This changed as soon as I opened the door, because there was a package waiting for me. Less than two weeks ago I ordered two lace tops on Ebay.
The seller was living in China and after my purchase I received an email that I would receive my package within 25 till 45 working days! Okay, the summer would almost been over by that time, so I kind of forgot about these tops.
You can imagine that I was very surprised when I found my package in my mailbox this afternoon. I immediately tried them on and they look amazing combined with high waist jeans or shorts. I would also like to wear them over my bikini after a beach day, especially the white one will look even better with a good tan! I couldn't wait to show them to you so I made two quick photo's with my iPhone.
Let me know what you think of the tops.

Lace tops: Ebay

maandag 26 mei 2014

Celebrating spring at De Zon

Yesterday we spent our sunday at De Zon festival in Amsterdam. In the morning it was a bit cloudy and cold, but as soon as we queued up to enter the festival the sun came out of the clouds and it was just the perfect weather for a festival, as you can see on the pictures.

For us, and for many more Dutchies, it's the best way to enjoy our weekend. Good weather, great electronic music and there is always a good vibe with fashionable people. It feels like a mini holiday and afterwards we are completely satisfied and ready to start a new week.
We tried to give you a glimpse of the festival. As you can see on the first two pictures the location (De Oeverlanden all the way in the south of Amsterdam) was absolutely great. 
I'm pretty sure that we will spend more time at this place during this summer, because it's also great for swimming or just a picnic with friends or the BF.

On the last picture you can see us. Annabel is wearing pink hot pants with platform sneakers (sorry not on the picture, but we will show an outfit soon ;) ) and a see through top. She is finishing the look with these sunnies with round glasses. Nicole is wearing a cut out dress in black and grey from H&M.
She found this dress in the sale for only € 5! It's the first time that she's wearing it in the Netherlands this summer but we're sure that she we'll wear it more often because it's very comfortable.
Happy monday!